Site Selection & Event Management

Looking for a place to host your event? Let us help you find the right fit.  There are so many amazing venues in the Valley of the Sun.  We will assist in creating and managing the perfect event for your function.


Decor & Entertainment

Complete decor and entertainment services for your event, whether it is a ladies luncheon, themed dinner, or a unique general session set up. You name it we'll find it no matter how unusual it may seem!  Not sure what you are looking for?  Not a problem, call us and we'll work with you to create your vision.



Activities, activities, activities, galore!  The options are endless in this great state of Arizona.  From hiking, to biking, to baseball and breweries.  We have tours that will get you into shape, get you out of shape, and keep your brain in tip top shape.


Corporate Teambuilding

Gone are the days where planners were afraid to use the term "Team building" in fear that their guests would flee the building to avoid it.  There are so many creative ways to incorporate team building into your events these days that your group will have a blast while they get into the action.  Charitable team building is our favorite... nothing like watching a room full of people tear up at the culmination of one of these activities with the realization of the good they have just done!


Logistics and Program Management

You've handled the meeting, let us handle the rest.  We take great pride in taking care of you and your guests.  Their satisfaction is our number one priority.

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